Elliptical Cross Trainers

About Elliptical Cross Trainers

An effective piece of fitness equipment providing a good low impact fully-body workout Elliptical Cross Trainers mimic the natural movements that your body would make when walking, jogging, running and climbing while reducing the impact, or shock, these activities usually have on your body.

Also known as Cross-Trainers, Elliptical Trainers improve your cardio fitness, strength and tone, helping you burn calories and delivering a full-body workout that includes your legs, glutes, abs, chest, back and arms. Most models let you adjust the resistance as needed and some models even have a reversible motion which will engage with and work out a different set of muscles than when you are moving with a forward motion. Perfect for all fitness levels, these trainers can continue to be used as your workouts move from beginner to advanced and this teamed with the low-impact high cardio nature of working out on one of these trainers is a huge benefit.

Often overlooked when setting up home gyms, Elliptical Trainers should not be underestimated.

If you have any questions about Elliptical Trainers or need help selecting the right fitness equipment our team can help.