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About Bodyworx Fitness Equipment

Bodyworx is one of the most trusted designers, manufacturers and distributors of high-quality fitness and strength training equipment in Australia.

Their wide range of gym equipment, fitness gear and workout accessories will help you create your own home gym or workout station at home or at your business, and the way their stations are designed you’ll be to add on additional pieces of fitness equipment when needed.

The Bodyworx range also includes functional training gear and accessories, such as battle ropes, yoga mats, kettlebells, handgrips, boxing trainers and even gym rings.

With such a wide range of gym and fitness equipment every fitness level is covered. If you’re just starting your journey to get fit or you’ve been training at a high level for years, the Bodyworx range caters for all workout and training needs. And the quality of equipment is what you would see at your local gym or sporting club.

If you’re focused on weight training, Bodyworx’s strength training machines and equipment are high-quality and built to last. Their barbell, weight plates, curl bars, racks, benches and home gyms can help you build muscle, tone muscle or increase overall strength. And even better, you can weight train in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The Bodyworx range also includes high level fitness stations that are perfect for gyms, hotels, sporting club or personal coaching businesses.

So if you just need some quality, compact exercise equipment for working out at home to increase your fitness, or you want to kit out your own multifunctional training machine and weight training centre, our team at Manic Fitness can take you through the Bodyworx range and help you select the right equipment to reach your goals.