Boxing Equipment

Choose the right boxing equipment

Using boxing equipment for fitness will give you a full body workout and can improve coordination, balance, endurance, upper body strength and muscle tone. Boxing can be incorporated into a wider fitness workout or run through a workout solely focused on boxing as the key activity. It can also help reduce stress. It’s the fast and repetitive action involved with boxing that helps tone muscles, as opposed to a slower and weighted activity like weight lifting that will increase bulk. Boxing workouts can also be incorporated into other programs, such as HIIT training, weight training and cardio activity.

That said, a boxing workout isn’t as easy as it looks, and it’s important to have the right boxing gear. With the boxing equipment range we have available you’ll be able to deck out a space in your home with the type of high-quality equipment you’d see at your local gym. Our range includes boxing trainers, bags, stands, brackets, balls, frames, gloves, shields, pads and head guards.

Your boxing workout might incorporate boxing combinations, pad work and sparring. You don’t need to be a boxing fitness expert to get started, the equipment we have available can be used by people just starting out, those who would be intermediate and advanced.

If you have any questions or need help selecting the right equipment our team is here to help. We can also provide equipment advice for boxing beginners, to ensure you’re set up properly with the right equipment and you’re given key information for safe use of the equipment.