Racks and Cages

Racks and Cages

Foundation pieces of fitness equipment in a gym, Racks and Cages set a framework for weight training workouts and enable you to perform a variety of lifts and exercises.

Our range includes half racks, power racks, press racks, squat racks and adjustable racks, all quality lifting systems designed to suit different spaces, budgets and lifting needs.

Some racks are designed to support the weight while you do one or two types of lifting (eg a squat rack) while larger racks and cages enable you to also complete other lifts and manoeuvres such as rows, dead-lifts, chin ups, dips and more.

We have a few different Racks and Cages suitable for both home gyms and commercial gyms in our range. If you have any questions about what gym equipment is best for your needs our team can help.