Recumbent Bikes

About Recumbent Bikes

Minimising pressure on your joints the most, Recumbent bikes provide lumbar support on a wider seat with an elevated pedaling style, working out the legs. They also deliver a low-impact workout and are perfect for all fitness levels. You can continue to use your Recumbent bike as your workouts move from beginner to advanced, building your endurance and stamina as you go.

With personalised or programmed workouts Recumbent bikes also provide an effective workout without putting stress and pressure on your joints and are often used by people who have lower back concerns or are recovering from an injury.

Our high quality commercial Bikes are used in gyms, fitness centres and schools and also home gyms.

If you have any questions about your fitness goals or need help selecting the right fitness equipment for your needs the Manic Fitness team can help. Contact us today to get your health on track.