Upright Bikes

About Upright Bikes

Upright Bikes give you a low-impact, high-intensity workout, and not only work your hamstrings, calves, glutes and thighs, but also keep your spine straight and abdomen engaged, working more areas of your body than you’d expect.

Upright Bikes are great for all fitness levels as you can continue to be used as your workouts move from beginner to advanced, building your endurance and stamina as you go. This, teamed with the low-impact high cardio benefits make Exercise Bikes extremely versatile and beneficial. They also deliver an effective cardiovascular workout without putting stress on your joints. If you have a goal to lose weight or increase your fitness, an exercise bike will help you get there.

Having an Upright Exercise Bike at home gives you a quick and easy option to get in a workout, allowing you to exercise at your own pace. Our Exercise Bikes are also for commercial use in gyms, fitness centres and schools.

If you have any questions about Exercise Bikes or need help selecting the right fitness equipment for your needs our team can help.