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Update the Equipment at your Commercial Gym

As a commercial gym, your business is only as good as the exercise equipment that you have for your members to use. If your apparatus is starting to look shabby, old, or is beginning to fall into disrepair, it’s time for an update!

Similarly, keeping up with the latest exercise machinery is a way to keep your customers coming back, renewing their memberships and referring their friends. At Manic Fitness, we frequently work with commercial gyms around Melbourne and the suburbs to update their fitness equipment.


An Extensive Selection of Fitness Equipment

Manic Fitness is the perfect place to shop for commercial gym equipment. Firstly, our selection is extensive, spanning from cardio machines to strength training equipment and beyond. Whether you need to replace your fleet of exercise bikes, trade out a few old treadmills for state of the art replacements or add another gym station to your weight room, we can help. We also stock an array of different brands, including widely respected names such as Bodycraft, Bodyworx and Horizon. If you have a brand of exercise equipment that you prefer for your gym, there is a good chance that Manic Fitness can help you find appropriate pieces of equipment from that brand.


Great Payment Options

We also make it extremely easy for commercial gyms to purchase equipment. If you are shopping for fitness equipment for your gym, there is a good chance you aren’t just buying one weight bench or one elliptical cross trainer. Instead, you are likely replacing multiple pieces of equipment at once or purchasing a variety of machines in a single transaction to start expanding your offerings.

Regardless, if you run a commercial gym, just let us know. As long as you can give us an ABN or ACN, we can prepare a packaged price option for you. Not only do our packaged prices simplify your transaction, but they will also save you money on your new exercise equipment. We can also offer financing options for your gym so that you don’t need to spend all that cash upfront.


Your One-Stop-Shop

Simply put, when the time comes to purchase new fitness equipment for your commercial gym, we are the place to shop! Between our selection, our prices and our business-friendly transaction system, we are ready to be your partner for any new equipment acquisitions.

If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, our team can also advise you on the equipment and brands we have in stock. For instance, if you are looking to replace a specific exercise bike or treadmill, we can share some pointers. You might want to get something comparable to the machine you had before but also making sure that you are getting a slight upgrade. We know the equipment we stock very well and can point you towards the optimal solution for your commercial gym.

To start exploring our gym equipment, contact us today.

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