Add Squat or Power Racks to your Home Gym

Add Squat or Power Racks to your Home Gym

Finding time to go to the gym can be challenging especially when the cold Melbourne weather hits. With our selection of power and squat racks at our showroom, you can now turn an area of your home into your private gym.

At Manic Fitness, we have the best selection of gym equipment that will help you attain the perfect form you need to power through your squats. With racks that are easy to assemble or heavy-duty power racks for the serious lifter, we have the ideal one for your workout.

Whether you are undergoing rehabilitation or are a serious bodybuilder, we have a wide range of squat and power racks from which you can make your selection. Our equipment in our showroom, located in Melbourne's south-east, is competitively priced making us your go-to fitness suppliers. We are also open seven days a week allowing us to accommodate the different working schedules of our customers.

Squat & Power Racks

Examples of our squat racks include the Bodyworx brand with the L314SR model featuring an Olympic width squat rack that is easy to assemble, two spotters for safety and can hold a maximum weight of 135kg. 

If you prefer something that offers multiple purposes, consider the Heavy Duty Bodyworx L870HR half rack. The thick gun racking has easy adjustments, and the high-quality steel frame will handle the heavy loads of your weights. You can switch between the squat rack and multi-grip chin-up bars to add variety to your workout.

An ideal solution if you need to maximise space at your home gym is the Modular Rack 5 by Bodyworx. Providing you with many workout choices, this unit allows you to rack pull, chin up, squat, kip, dip, ring dip and more with its multiple features and attachment options.

Weights and Bars for Your Rack

No rack would be useful without the bar and various weights to perfect your squats and workouts. Our collection of bars, weights and accessories will help you to equip your home gym adequately. We have a selection of bars including Solid Lifting Bars, Spin-Lock Straight Bars to the Oxidised Elite Olympic Bar for the serious lifter. These bars can be racked with strong and durable bumper plates of various weights from 5kg to 25kg.

We also provide Olympic Rubber Plates and EZ Grip plates as well as accessories such as collars for easy changing of the plates. Choose from the Lock-Jaw Collars which have a single snap latch and can make for a quick and easy plate change or the Spring Loaded Collar which features three rings for a tight enclosure.

Contact us today or visit our showroom at Fountain Gate, in Melbourne's southeastern suburbs, to select the fitness equipment that is right for your home gym.

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