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Keep it simple and safe with Gym Mats

With a home gym, you only need to start with the basics. If you’re wondering how to begin, looking for gym mats is a great way to open yourself up to a lot of safe and healthy exercises.

While machines and benches are fantastic additions to increase your overall efficiency and the speed with which you can gain strength, nothing is stopping you from keeping fit in each of the major exercise categories once you have a gym mat!

Here are a few of the exercises that you can do without any further equipment:

  • Cardio – Jumping jacks can be done directly on the mat, while warm-up and cool-down exercises before and after a nice jog can be done on the mat.
  • Upper Body Strength – The benefits of push-ups cannot be overstated, hitting pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. Different variations can target different muscle groups, as well. If you add in a chair, you can add dips into the equation to focus on your rhomboids.
  • Core Strength – There are a variety of core exercises that you can do on a mat, but some of the most common are sit-ups, planks, and side planks.
  • Lower Body Strength – Squats will be your go-to exercise. By incorporating this exercise into your weekly routine, you’ll quickly find the strength and tone in your legs, lower back, hips, and butt.

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