7 Benefits of using a Rowing Machine

7 Benefits of using a Rowing Machine

Have you thought recently of purchasing a rowing machine? Or you like the idea of owning one but would like to know some advantages it provides! Then don’t stress we have you covered. Check out the 7 benefits below on using a rowing machine.

1 - Full body workout

That’s right, the rowing machine gives you a total body workout. The major muscles in your legs, arms, back and core all must activate, giving you a full-body workout which also increases your body strength and cardiovascular capacity.

2 - Low impact

Rowing enables you to burn many calories without adding any extra stress on your joints. You can control the movement and pace, plus it’s a great exercise for active recovery. 

3 - Great for all fitness levels

Being low impact and a full-body workout, using a rowing machine is great for all ages and fitness levels. 

4 - Great for the heart and lungs

Being a cardio exercise, rowing strengthens the cardiovascular system, which encompasses the heart, blood vessels and blood. It’s responsible for carrying important materials, such as nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

5 - Can be meditative

Yes, rowing can also help you get into a meditative state. This is from the calming benefits by rowing with the smooth, gliding motion you can create on the ergometer and repetitive movements that allow the mind to go on autopilot. Rowing also releases endorphins, which are those feel-good hormones that reduce stress.

6 - Regular training

Being that it rowing is a full-body workout and low impact, it means you can regularly jump on the rower without getting as sore like you would with running on a treadmill.

7 - You only need 15 minutes

If time isn’t on your side, 15 minutes is all you need to get your heart rate up and going and get some benefits, so no excuses!

So as you can see, a rowing machine is a fantastic investment in your health. If you’d like to purchase a rowing machine for your home, come and visit our showroom or shop online. We are here to help guide you choose the right rower for your needs. Contact us today on 03 8790 6900 or visit 18 Overland Drive, Narre Warren, Victoria.

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