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This robust squat rack, crafted from heavy gauge steel, is ideal for any commercial setting. It features a walk-through design for enhanced accessibility and is equipped with a flying pull-up ladder at the back and a multi-grip pull-up bar at the front.


  • Heavy Gauge Steel Frame 

      The frame is constructed from premium-grade 11-gauge box tube steel and finished with a scratch-resistant powder coating, which not only has an appealing appearance but also offers long-lasting protection against wear and tear. The uprights feature laser-cut notches for J Hooks and Spotter Arm adjustments, ensuring a tight fit and stability during use.

  • Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

      The pull up bar has been designed to accommodate close grip, medium grip and wide grip pull ups as well supinated, pronated and hammer grip positions. 

  • Rear Flying Pull Up

       The rear of the unit is fitted with a flying pull up bar (ladder), which adds an entirely new dimesion of upper body training on this rack.

  • Power Band Pegs

      The base frame has been fitted with 3 power band pegs on each side, so users can easily attach bands to the barbell during vertical movements such as squats and bench press to increase resistance, without loading more weights.

  • Landmine Attachment

       It's also fitted with a high grade, fully rotating Landmine Attachment, for all rotational core exercises, bent over rows, landmine squats, presses, thrusts and much more.

  • J Hooks

       Fully adjustable J hooks have been fitted with nylon inserts, to prevent scratches and protect your barbells and the J hooks during re-racking. 

  • Spotter Arms

       Fully adjustable, extra-long Spotter Arms have also been fitted with nylon inserts, to prevent scratches and protect your barbells. 

  •  Weight Plate Storage Pegs

       There are 6 weight plate storage pegs at the rear of the rack so you can neatly store all your plates away when they are not being used. They are also fitted with nylon sleeves to protect the inner collars of your plates when being slid on or off the pegs.
       They are spaced far enough apart so you can store Bumper Plates or Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates. 

  • Storage Hooks

       Fitted with 6 storage hooks, to neatly store attachments, power bands, chains, ropes, barbell collars and any other accessories you may require.

  • Barbell Holders

       Also fitted with 2 Olympic barbell storage tubes, located on the rear of the rack, to store your bars when they are not being used. 

  • Weight Lifting Platform

       The lifting platforms provides lifters with a firm and stable footing so that they can confidently lift heavy loads, without worrying about their stability. It'[s designed for all power lifting and Olympic lifting movements and is engineered to handle heavy impact from varying heights. Not only will it reduce noise and vibration from plates impacting on it, but it will also protect you bars and plates and reduce the amount of force placed on them during drops.

  • Battle Rope Hooks

       Both sides of the rack have been fitted with a vertically facing, D ring Battle Rope Hooks, so you can attach ropes on either side depending on the layout of you gym.

  • Floor Fixing Plates

       Does not require bolting to the floor but is fitted with floor plates, with pre-drilled holes, for facilities where anchoring to the floor in required. 

  • Rated For Full Commercial Use 

       This squat rack has been rated for use in all commercial training facilities such as Fitness Centres, Personal Training Studios, Corporate and Hotel Gyms, Schools and similar training facilities.



  • Depth: 3500mm
  • Width: 3100mm
  • Height: 2600mm



  • Frame: 10 years
  • All other parts: 1 year


* Barbells and bumper plates not included in price.

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