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Mani Single Bag Stand (stand only)

Mani Single Bag Stand (stand only)

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Constructed of solid powder-coated steel, this super versatile and sturdy Mani Bag Stand can accommodate any punching bag up to 35kg.

The stand can both be bolted to the ground or have weights put onto it. The beams allow the bag to move freely whilst also ensuring the stand doesn't collapse and nor does it fall to either side.

Key benefits:

  • Material: Solid steel
  • Facilitates Mani 3ft, 4ft and 5ft punching bags (up to 35kg)
  • Powder coated
  • Three weight poles for stabilisation
  • 3 additional footplates to bolt the entire stand to the floor
  • Floor space 1.1m X 1.23m
  • Height 2.35m
  • Bag not included
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