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Whether the motion is for Strength Training, Sports Specific, Speed Training, or maybe it's a motion you perform at work or during leisure activities, the BODYCRAFT CFTG allows you to train the way you move.


    Info Sheet Button Bodycraft CFTG Functional Trainer Manic Fitness


    You define the path of motion, strengthening every part of your body, improving your core, balance, and coordination.

    • Compact, can be placed in any corner of the room or up to a wall
    • The Dual Pulleys move up and down on a counter-balanced system and are positioned in a wide format
    • 2 D-handles, 2 chains, and an ankle cuff are included.
    • 4:1 cable ratio for smooth action and a greater range of motion makes this machine ideal for Speed Training
    • Connect both pulleys with the included chain for a 2:1 cable ratio
    • 180" cable travel when using a single or 90" when using both pulleys
    Weight Stack: 200lbs.

    Weight Stack to User Ratio: 4:1.
    Pulleys: 3.5" Fiberglass impregnated Nylon Pulleys with sealed ball bearings.

    Cable: The most flexible Nylon coated 7x19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000lbs tensile strength.

    Assembled Dimensions: 100.3cm (L) x 125.7cm (W) x 209.6cm (H).



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