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Where to go for Resistance Bands or Foam Rollers

It’s a common misconception that you need an abundance of gym equipment to get a full-body workout.

If you are interested in getting healthy and have a limited budget or a small space, purchasing a few essential items is all you need to get your body in top physical shape. Two items to consider are foam rollers and resistance bands.

Manic Fitness is a trusted distributor of foam rollers and the place to buy resistance bands. Using these tools as part of your workout will put you on your way to the body of your dreams.

Using a Foam Roller as part of your workout routine

People often overlook foam rollers as essential gym equipment. When you buy a foam roller in Melbourne, you are investing in an item that enhances your workout after completing an intense sweat session.

After most workouts, you will probably be sore. Instead of turning to an over the counter muscle relaxer to help ease the ache, a foam roller helps your body naturally relieve soreness. It is a tool that should be used right after an intense workout. The benefit of using it immediately after your workout is that your muscles will start to recover sooner meaning that you can get back in the gym faster.

After your workout, your muscles are tight and constricted. Using a foam roller boosts the blood circulation to your muscles which helps avoid cramping, numbness and tingling. With the increased blood flow comes the added benefit of a better range of motion.

If you are interested in a full explanation of different foam roller techniques, make sure to check out The Great Foam Roller Handbook. This is a 64 page coloured reference book that walks you through various positions to not only combat discomfort but to increase your posture and strength.


Why you should buy Resistance Bands

When you buy resistance bands, you eliminate the need for free weights. The convenience of this item is undeniable as they are versatile and much easier to transport than standard dumbbells. Our bands come in six sizes that vary depending on the level of difficulty. Any choice is perfect if you are recovering from an injury because they allow you to have better control over the motion of your exercise. Resistance bands can also be used before or after a workout to assist in stretching to prevent muscle damage.

Come to Manic Fitness for the Right Tools for Your Workout

Manic Fitness is a leader in the industry of gym equipment. We provide you with only the best products on the market. Our knowledgable staff is here to address any concerns you have regarding a purchase, to ensure you feel entirely comfortable with the item. We are available seven days a week and ready to help at any time.

For more information about our resistance bands or to buy a foam roller in Melbourne, please call us on (03) 6110 8250 or email us at manicfg@bigpond.net.au

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