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Where to get your Rowing Machine

Choosing the right piece of equipment for your workout plays a significant role in how you feel after your workout. If you are looking for a machine that will challenge yet tone your body, then you should consider a rowing machine.

Manic Fitness offers top-of-the-line rowing machine options that will have you working toward your fitness goals in no time.

Why Should You Use a Rowing Machine During Your Workout?

A leading reason to buy a rowing machine is that it gives you a total body workout. Rowing machines get nearly all the muscles in your body moving. This option is efficient and perfect for the person that does not have much time in their day to spend in the gym.

One of the best benefits of purchasing a rowing machine is it’s a great tool to help you lose weight. To lose weight and keep it off, it is imperative to combine both cardio and strength training exercises. A rowing machine offers a low-impact routine which makes the workout easier on your joints to avoid possible injury.

Rowing Machine Options

A rowing machine is an excellent choice if you have limited space. For example, the Bodyworx KRX6000 Rower is designed explicitly to fold away when you are finished. This piece also comes with transportation wheels to make the move easier. If you are just beginning on your fitness journey, the horizontal seat adjustment offers less stress on your muscles during your workout. When you feel you are ready to take it to the next level simply adjust the computer-controlled resistance level to any one of 8 choices. 

Another excellent choice for a rowing machine is the Bodyworx KR2200 Rower. The equipment is designed to provide you with smooth motion and the option for eight different levels of air resistance. It is the perfect machine regardless of whether you plan to use it in a gym, home or office. It comes with built-in, customisable programs and a race program set off by an LED adjustable console with a backlight. This piece is guaranteed with a 3-year home use warranty which safeguards you against any problems.

A Trusted Name in Fitness Equipment

The team at Manic Fitness understands how vital it is to have the right kind of equipment for your workout which is why we only offer the best names in the industry. Our store is open seven days a week to tackle any questions or concerns you have about our row machines or any other fitness equipment that we sell. Our goal is to make you feel completely comfortable with your selection and provide you with the tools you need to have a great workout.

To buy a row machine today, make sure to call us on (03) 8790 6900

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