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Where to buy Exercise and Spin Bikes

Regular cardio exercise has been shown to burn calories, improve heart health, tone muscles, and improve mental health.

Incorporating exercise into busy lifestyles is easy with the purchase of an exercise bike for your home. Manic Fitness has a wide range of exercise bikes for sale including spin bikes and recumbent bikes for every fitness level. Purchasing an exercise bike for your home or office allows pedalling away calories and stress no matter the weather outside.

Purchasing an exercise bike is an important investment in your overall health. Deciding which exercise bike to purchase depends on the desired results. Most exercise bikes have similar footprints; however, measuring the space intended for the bike beforehand should be your first step. Providing adequate space for your exercise bike will ensure continued use.

Upright Stationary Bikes

An upright stationary bike is a standard that most people are familiar with - there are no wheels nor handlebars like a regular bike. They do have a comfortable, adjustable seat, pedals, and stationary arms. Some come with electronic displays and adjustable resistance levels. Their heavy design ensures stability during use.

Recumbent Stationary Bikes

Recumbent stationary bikes have a larger footprint because they are designed to support the lower back by offering a seat with a seatback. To use a recumbent stationary bike, the rider sits in the seat and stretches their legs forward instead of down as with upright stationary bikes. This ergonomic design eliminates strain on lower back muscles. Recumbent stationary bikes are perfect for people with lower back issues.

Spin Bikes

Spin bikes offer a more significant challenge for those wanting to step up their workout. Spin bikes utilise a flywheel to provide resistance and provide more settings than upright bikes to increase intensity for improved results. Spin bikes are perfect for people who want to increase the intensity of their workout and challenge themselves for a leaner body. Spin bikes also eliminate fitness plateaus keeping you moving towards your fitness goals.

Numerous Brands and Types Available

No matter your fitness level, we have exercise bikes to facilitate any fitness goal. We carry a large selection of upright stationary bikes, recumbent stationary bikes and spin bikes for any fitness level and various price points. With comfortable seating, adjustable controls and monitors tracking speed, time, distance, and calories burned, we have the perfect stationary bike for everybody.

Buying a spin bike or exercise bike is easy at Manic Fitness. Visiting our store in Narre Warren, in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs, offers the opportunity to try different bikes to ensure you find the right bike for you. Don’t let the abundance of choices deter you. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will work with you to select the perfect exercise bike for your specific fitness goals. 

Contact us for more information regarding our range of exercise and spin bikes or directions to our store.

Get started today on a stronger body and mind to tackle your hectic world.

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